2001 – Manchester Metropolitan University

The event was held in Manchester, in cooperation with the Manchester Metropolitan University, on the burial site of the cotton merchants which are situated at the front of the university. The area faces the building where the 5th Pan African Conference was held in 1945. The event was held over several days from July 8th to August 4th. There was an exhibition of 16 pieces of the Yoruba Odu Ifa.


July 26th

African Remembrance Day Memorial Lecture from Egypt To The African Union given by Robin Walker. And Egyptians Spoke A Bantu Language by Fergs.

July 27th

A Sacred Music concert was held at the Contact Theatre featuring Rhythms of Africa, with Claude Dapper and Alexander D. Grate.

July 28th

Maat – Mind, Body and Spirit event was held with Bonnie Greer, Eve Tar, Bert Ceasar and Marcia Stewart.

July 31st

Key note address – The African Union: How It Will Solve Africa’s Problem given by His Excellency Dr. Christopher Kolade

August 1st

The Remembrance event was held in All Saints Park, Manchester. Some participants were Kimani Nehusi, Rev Hewie Andrews, The Late Nana Bansu, ne (Brother Berry).The Ausar Auset Society poured Libation. A tree of remembrance was planted in the Peace Gardens near the Manchester Town Hall. Transportation was arranged for those who travelled from London.