24th African Remembrance Day

ARD double copy

ARD double copy

August 1st has become a national focal point for the diverse strands of the black community to come together , performing out heritage and continuing struggle. It is important that we as a race come together to remember those ancestors who died  at the bottom of the Atlantic as a result of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade.

The day will be centred around the reflection and remembrance of the suffering and experiences of millions of African men, women, and children who perished in the middle passage and the subsequent effect upon all people of African descent worldwide, for ever 500 years.

African Remembrance Day (ARD)

2018 will pay tribute to the ‘Windrush Generation’ – those men, women and children who came from the Caribbean to assist with the rebuilding of the UK after the war.


If you are unable to join us, please try to observe 3 minutes of silence at 3pm.