About African Remembrance Day


African Remembrance Day was founded by brothers, Onyekachi and Chidiebere Wambu in 1995. They expressed that too many Africans had left the earth and had been forgotten. The brothers felt that something should be done in their honour and memory. In response African Remembrance Day was created. Since the first meeting in 1995, ARD has been an open gathering held in different parts of the UK.

Every August 1st (Emancipation Day in the English–speaking Caribbean and Ghana) we link hands with our world-wide African family to reflect on the lessons and continuing challenges that have resulted from over 500 years of African enslavement.

Emancipation brought certain responsibilities and our experience can only be enriched when we accept these responsibilities. It is worth noting that Emancipation Day served not only to free the enslaved, but also the enslavers.

  • Beverley Brown
  • Mekada Coaston
  • Jan Francis
  • Ra Hendricks
  • Askala Mariam
  • Pat Marsh
  • Chidiwere Wambu
  • Onyekachi Wambu
  • Roy Williams

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Alternatively, if you are unable to attend, you can join us in holding a 3 minute silence at 3pm, August 1st – feel free to inform friends and family as well.
1st August 2016 @
Warehouse No. 1
Museum of Docklands
E14 4AL