2007 – Museum of London Docklands

The event was held at the Museum of Docklands, East London, in the Rum Store (a room in the museum where the sugar produced by slaves on the plantations in the Caribbean was stored). Ancestral Voices was introduced as a part of the event. Libation was poured by one of the founders of the African Remembrance Day, Onyekachi Wambu.

The theme of the day was “Remembering Those On Whose Mighty Shoulders We Stand.” The key note speech was given by Dr Hakim Adi, and Onyekachi Wambu gave a speech on “African Victims And The Middle Passage”. Some participants were the poet Brother Lennox Carty, Sister Culture, and soloist Adelaide McKenzie. Other participants were Donald George who spoke about the work of Amastad America.

Prayers were said by Rev Hewie Andrews, and the Circle of Life pledge was read by Ryan. The day concluded with the singing of Redemption Song.